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26/05/2018 - 07:40

Russian Helicopters to Show Brand-New Ansat at HeliRussia-2018

Moscow — Russian Helicopters (part of Rostec State Corporation) will present a new version of the light multirole Ansat helicopter produced by Kazan Helicopter Plant as part of the 11th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia-2018. This helicopter is a prototype applied for testing technical solutions which will be used with other innovations for serial production helicopters.

One of the main special features of Ancat which will be showed at HeliRussia is the weight reduced almost by 100 kg and increased capacity. Now, up to 8 people can sit on new compact seats in a passenger cabin. As an option, the helicopter will be equipped with easily removable control units, which will allow to increase passenger capacity up to 9 people.

"The refined Ansat, which we will present at HeliRussia, is not an end product, but a demonstration of our progress in this project. Based on feedback from operators, we introduced some constructive changes in the helicopter to make it more efficient and safe. I have to say that the work has not completed yet, and we have to make other improvements before we will offer the modernized helicopter to customers," said Andrey Boginsky, CEO, Russian Helicopters.

The medical version of the new Ansat has a medical module which facilitates boarding of Injured people through a side door of a passenger cabin or a rear door, as well as four seats for doctors and accompanying people. This configuration and loading through the rear door enable to transfer up to two patients.

This helicopter is equipped with a new crash-resilient fuel system providing flying range up to 560 km. This Ansat model can be operated in difficult weather conditions thanks to two versions of modern equipment: a classic version with electromechanical tools and a "glass cockpit" with four multifunction displays. Instruments of the helicopter ensure compliance with visual flight rules and instrument flight rules.

The nose of the prototype is fully made of composition materials. It is glassed to provide complete protection from damage and ageing while wiper arms work. Cowls and a stabiliser which increases longitudinal stability and comfort handling are also made of composition materials. The helicopter can be optionally equipped with the wire strike protection system and a hoist with lifting capacity up to 270 kg which can be used for rescue operations and boarding of two people at once. External load allows to transport up to 1500 kg of cargo.

Ansat is a light multipurpose twin-engine helicopter serial production of which is deployed at Kazan Helicopter plant. In May 2015, the modification of the helicopter with a medical module was certified. It complies with all international standards for medical aviation and allows to save a patient’s life during transporting.

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